Did all this just happen?


 For centuries there has been a battle for the minds of mankind. Part of  this great battle is, ‘Did God create, or did all this just happen.’  This article looks at the complexity of just a few items. If all of the  complexities of life around us were listed, it would require a set of  very large books.

First lets look at our planet Earth.
If  Earth was smaller it could not hold onto its atmosphere and life could  not exist, but if larger the increased gravitational pull would make  life as we know it impossible (Note 1) .
If  we were closer to the Sun, life could not exist in so hot an  environment, while just a little farther from the Sun, our planet would  become a frozen wasteland.
Without  the magnetic shield (Note 2) and the ionospheres (Note 3) around the  Earth, deadly rays would make life on Earth impossible.
Without  the proper rotation, earth would radically change. If the earth rotated  much slower, constant freezing, burning, and refreezing of the Earth  surface would be the results. While if the Earth spun much faster, major  problems with the earth’s crust and atmosphere would result.
Without the earth’s axis, only a small amount of earth would be habitable, and productive (Note 4).
The moon affects, earth’s axis, tides, rotation speed, and more. This makes life on earth possible.
Plant life on Earth manages the oxygen/carbon-dioxide levels. (See note 5)
Earth is very precisely put into our solar system to support life as we know it. 

What about birds.
Hollow bones give strength, yet are very light, allowing birds to fly.
For centuries man attempted to fly. Only by copying the design of a bird’s wing, could man learn to fly.

What about the bumblebee.
For many years it was said, (according to science) it is impossible for bumblebees to fly.(Note 6)

What about the human eye.
The  human eye is beyond description in complexity. An old riddle states,  ‘If you took a running pocket watch completely apart. Put all the pieces  into a bag and shook it. How many years would it take for the watch to  get back together and working’. The answer is of course ‘never’. The  human eye is thousands of times more complex than a pocket watch. (Note  7)

Any  intelligent, honest human being must admit the Earth, the birds, the  insects, and yes mankind were created by a being beyond our  comprehension. A Great All Powerful Creator God.

Psalms 14:1  The fool hath said in his heart, There is no God...

In His Service
Ron Stange

p.s. Information tho accurate, is condensed to keep article short.

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Note  1 Smaller planets have less gravitational pull and are unable to hold  an atmosphere in place, while the gravitational pull of larger planets  would make it impossible for us to stand.
Note 2 The North and South Poles create a magnetic shield around the Earth.
Note  3 Lightening in our upper atmosphere creates o-zone. This o-zone or o3  makes up the ionosphere which is part of Earth’s upper atmosphere.
Note  4 The axis of the Earth, gives us spring, summer, fall, and winter.  Without the axis and the seasons, only a small band around the equator  would be habitable and productive.
Note  5 Human life, animal life, and the burning of fuel use oxygen and give  off carbon-dioxide. Plants use carbon-dioxide and give off oxygen. The  balance of oxygen and carbon-dioxide is critical for life. But when  carbon-dioxide levels rise, plant life thrives, using more  carbon-dioxide and giving off more oxygen, thus regulating the levels.  This miraculous regulation allows animal and plant life to exist.
Note  6 Compared to other insects, the bumblebee has very small wings and a  large body. As we understand science, it is impossible for a bumblebee  fly. Science today is attempting to explain the flight of the bumblebee,  but nobody really knows.
Note 7 Charles Darwin considered the human eye as something evolution could never achieve.

Written by Ronald Stange - April 2017