Russia - Clinton - Trump

Ever since Donald Trump was elected president of the United States, there have been rumors about Russia interfering in the election to get Donald Trump elected. After all this time there has been no proof or evidence, but the rumors keep coming. Let’s look at the facts of Trump and Clinton for issues that would concern Russia.

-Donald Trump had little to no political experience, while Hillary Clinton was part of the Obama administrations foreign policy.

-Donald consistently said he would make America great again, including our economy and military. He also said he would support Christianity  While Hillary was to carry on the Obama administration agenda concerning the economy, the military, and the attack on Christian values. 

Fact - The economic recovery of the Obama administration was fueled by massive government spending (debt) and by the Federal Reserve’s, massive increase of currency and near zero percent interest rates.

Fact - The Obama administration used our military to promote social change (homosexuality and other anti-Biblical things) and with republican support has reduced our military to pre-WWII levels.

Fact - Hillary and the Obama administration sold a large percentage of our nuclear material to Russia. This material can be used in making atomic bombs. At the same time there were big dollar donations to the Clinton Foundation from Russia.

Fact - During the 2012 election cycle Obama told Russian leader, ‘I can be much more flexible after the election’.

Fact - In Benghazi, Libya, Americans were murdered because Obama and Hillary withheld military support, then lied about it. 

Fact - Hillary carelessly handled Top Secret information, making it easily available for hackers on the internet.

I ask you, if you were Russia, which person would you want to be President of the United States.

1. A person that believes in the same morality that destroyed all the major empires of the past. One that sold our nuclear supplies to a foreign hostile power. One that would continue the Obama administration attacks and destruction of our military. One that has little or no regard for the security of our nation. One that hates the Christianity that made America great.


2. A man that is unknown and unpredictable to Russia. One that says he will make America great again, including our economy and military.

My opinion is Russia would definitely want Hillary for president. They knew what Hillary was, but Trump would be a gamble to them. 

I am tired of the constant assault of made up stories and lies, about the elected President of the United States by the Democratic Party and their co-conspirators the American Media (including tax payer funded NPR and PBS - Note 1). This attempt to destroy our electoral system and the office of President is treasonous. 

God has given us Donald Trump as president for this time in history. He is taking on the powers of evil that were in charge and destroying this nation. Yes, God has given us this time of reprieve to take this nation back. As Donald Trump is fighting for America in the physical realm, let us fight in the spiritual realm and pray for this nation (Note 2). America’s sin is grievous and there are many powers against her (Note 3). If we fail now, America will soon fall. But if we can turn America back to her solid foundation, she can once again be a light unto the world.

May God bless the United States of America.

Ron Stange

Note 1

Tax payer funded media

NPR - National Public Radio

PBS - Public Broadcasting System

Note 2

There is a spiritual war going on today, for the survival of America. 

Note 3

As in God’s Holy Word (Daniel 10), there is a war going today. In the unseen world, evil spirits are battling God’s angels to destroy America. As we pray, and God hears, He can dispatch more angels to help save America.  

Written by Ronald Stange July 2017